Rope Skipping Student Scoops Gold Medal at European Championships

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A Sports Therapy student from the University of Worcester scooped one Gold and one Silver medal at the European Rope Skipping Championships.

Gemma McGhee and her team travelled to Nagykanizsa in Hungary to compete in the European Championships, coming seventh overall. The team won a Gold medal in Single Rope Speed and Double under Relay and a Silver medal for Double Dutch Speed Relay events.

“It’s an amazing achievement for me and the girls,” said Gemma, from Studley in Warwickshire. “Six months ago we didn’t think we would be competing this year because we needed to raise a large sum of money and we sustained some injuries in the team. But we got there and are now the fastest jumpers in Europe.”

The 24-year-old has been a member of the British Rope Skipping Team since the late 1990s and currently holds the British record for the most amount of jumps in three minutes, with 442 jumps.

Gemma, along with two of her team mates, also hold the title of the fastest jumpers in Europe in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most consecutive jumps by three people, known as Double Dutch Speed.

Gemma was awarded £500 from the University of Worcester’s Scholarship Panel towards the cost of competing to ensure she was able to experience the success she was capable of.

Gemma and her team mates have also done some commercial work recently where they recreated the Double Dutch Speed they performed at the championships on Sky’s sports panel show ‘A League of their Own,’ with James Corden.

Gemma and two of her team mates can also be seen performing their Double Dutch move in popstar Olly Murs’ new music video, ‘Heart Skips a Beat’.