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What makes Subject Knowledge Enhancement at Worcester so special?

The Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) programmes are pre-Initial Teacher Training (ITT) courses designed to help you develop and enhance your subject knowledge.

We offer SKE courses in: Computer Science, Design &Technology (Food or Textiles), Geography, Mathematics, Modern Languages (French), Science (Biology), Science (Chemistry).

  • Tailored courses matched to individual needs
  • Opportunities to work collaboratively and independently, and to construct new understanding
  • Activities designed to enhance subject skills and to set learning in the context of the pupil experience, with strong links made to developing as a teacher
  • Experienced and supportive tuition in excellent classroom-style facilities
  • Strong foundations for the PGCE with secure subject knowledge

Bursaries are available to eligible applicants.

Key features

  • 200 hours spread over 8 weeks
  • Flexible working patterns – discuss the options with the course leader
  • Combination of distance learning and two face to face weeks
  • Option of 300 hours for science SKE courses
  • Focus on practical activities and applying your learning to the classroom
  • Best practice modelled by tutors
  • Connections made across the phases including A level where relevant

NB The SKE at University of Worcester is available to those on various ITT routes, including based at other institutions.

Would I benefit from an SKE course?

  • I studied the subject to a highly advanced level and would benefit from a refresher of school-level subject knowledge.
  • I studied the subject to a highly advanced level, but over time have lost some of the ‘basics’.
  • I studied a degree which is related rather than an exact match.
  • I recently graduated and studied a degree not related to the subject; I have a related A level.
  • I changed career and have an unrelated degree with a lot of related knowledge including an A level.

Entry requirements

What qualifications will you need?

Entry requirements

  • You must have an offer of a place on a teacher training course to be eligible for a bursary
  • The SKE may be a condition of your PGCE offer

Other information

Contact to discuss your eligibility

Course content

What will you study?

Here is an overview of current modules available on this course. Regular updates may mean that exact module titles may differ.

Computer Studies SKE

  • Audit your knowledge and skills
  • Enhance your practical skills using a range of software
  • Write algorithms and code
  • Develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Engage in design projects using the Raspberry Pi and BBC micro:bit computers
  • Become aware of the school Computer Science curriculum

Design and Technology (Food and Textiles) SKE

  • Audit your knowledge and skills
  • Enhance your understanding and develop new skills for teaching food and textiles
  • Complete independent learning tasks
  • Develop an understanding of the underlying principles of practical processes
  • Become aware of school Food and Textiles curricula

French SKE

  • Audit your knowledge and skills
  • Develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Enhance your understanding of French culture: watch and analyse films, explore literary texts, research current issues and festivals.
  • Become aware of the French curriculum at KS3 and KS4,and into KS5
  • Manage your directed study time flexibly across the course

Geography SKE

  • Audit your knowledge and skills
  • Refresh and enhance your knowledge
  • Explore fundamental topics through a wide range of practical activities
  • Become aware of the KS4 and KS5 Geography curriculum

Mathematics SKE

  • Audit your knowledge and skills
  • Benefit from two Saturday half day workshops early in the course
  • Explore mathematics through collaborative tasks, challenging distance-learning problems and personal reflection
  • Develop mathematical thinking through problem-solving and reasoning activities
  • Become aware of the KS3, KS4 and KS5 Mathematics curriculum and make connections across these

Science: Biology SKE

  • Audit your knowledge and skills
  • Enhance your practical laboratory skills
  • Develop scientific thinking and explore how science works
  • Become aware of the KS3 to KS5 Biology curriculum
  • Make links to Chemistry and Physics up to KS4

Science: Chemistry SKE

  • Audit your knowledge and skills
  • Enhance your practical laboratory skills
  • Develop scientific thinking and explore how science works
  • Become aware of the KS3 to KS5 Chemistry curriculum
  • Make links to Biology and Physics up to KS4

Teaching and Assessment

How will you be taught?

Teaching approach

  • Audit your subject knowledge to enhance your learning priorities
  • Complete distance learning tasks and reflect on how these build on your existing knowledge and skills
  • Attend two weeks of face to face sessions at the University to work collaboratively on a range of practical activities
  • Place your learning in the context of the classroom
  • Self-assess your development across the course           


Where could it take you?

  • Get a head start - Refresh your subject knowledge in your main subject before the course
  • Experience a range of activities and tasks, and get resources to support your teaching career
  • Understand the learning process from the point of view of the pupil
  • Get practical skills – observe your course leader and your peers in action


How much will it cost?

Further Information

Considering an SKE?

Bursaries are available for eligible applicants.

Contact us for further information about the courses, for an application form and to find out more about the bursary.

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