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English as a Foreign Language/Academic Writing

EFL and Academic Writing options

If you are an undergraduate student and English is not your first language, our excellent EFL modules could be for you. The Language Centre offers a range of general and academic English modules for non-native speakers of English:

  • LANG1440 General and Academic English
  • LANG1460 Listening and Speaking - General and Academic English
  • LANG1420 Academic English and Study Skills
  • LANG1003 Improving English Usage and Style in Academic Writing

Native speaker undergraduates who want to improve their academic writing may be interested in:

  • LANG1002 Improving English Usage and Style in Academic Writing

All these modules are part of the Electives offer, each module worth 15 credits at level 4, and you can mix them with MFL modules or modules from another discipline, in many combinations.

In addition, all students can book one-to-one support sessions and make use of our range of self-study resources. If you're a Masters student, you can come to our Masters Support classes.

If you are not (yet) a student at the University of Worcester and want to improve your English, make sure you check out our: